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Always a lovely atmosphere! And amazing value for service and products. Been going to rocks for over 10 years!


I go here for lash extensions with Steph and I travel a long way as she is the best lash queen anywhere!


Michelle and her team are amazing!
Friendly, very professional and always keen to deliver great service! I am a fan!


What a great idea to combine the two treatments! I was in good hands too! Not only is Michelle a qualified foot health practitioner with letters after her name but she is also a Beauty Therapist and the owner of Rocksea Beauty and Foot Health in Richardson Rd Hove.

I had a slight fungal toenail infection on one of my big toenails (yellowing and thickening of the nail) which I knew would not go away on its own. I also understand that a Medical Pedicure is able to correct a lot of different foot health issues such as ingrown toenails, callouses and verrucas.  After a consultation chat and form filling, Michelle started by using her professional equipment. This thinned the nail and took away all the bad tissue. Michelle then went on to my other nails removing the dead excess cuticles. Each nail was then cut and shaped. This was followed by a lovely lotion cream being applied to both feet. A cocktail of vitamins, minerals, pure collagen and fungal fighting ingredients. 

Following that there was more cuticle work and the ridges on my toenails were flattened and buffed. On to the soles of my feet, Michelle used a fine scalpel to remove the dead/hard skin on my heels and balls of my feet. Use of a scalpel sounds slightly alarming but was just a tickly sensation and nothing to worry about.  I was surprised and slightly embarrassed at what actually came off as I felt I did an OK job with my home pedicures. How wrong I was! The whole treatment including nail polish being applied took around an hour and a half. My feet have never looked so good! 

Before, during and after I noticed Michelle had a strict and very hygienic routine which involved the chair I was sat in, all tools and the floor thoroughly cleaned inbetween each client.  Disposable gloves and disposable foot baths, medical grade wipes and even a special pressure cooker type machine for the tools are all part of the medical pedicure experience. I was in safe hands. Literally!

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